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Sandcarving Process

Personalized Brick, Tile & Stone

Architectural, Memorial, Donor & Fundraising

Sandcarving Process

At Carved in Stone, we believe in the old-fashioned method of personalized stone. That is why all our products are sandcarved to depth of at least 1/8”-1/4”.

Sandblasting stone is nothing new. It has been the preferred process since the 1880’s. Many companies tout a new process of laser-engraved bricks. This process is much easier and cheaper for them, but does not create the depth and timeless look most people desire. If you want depth and enduring personalized brick, stone or tile, you want age-old sandblasting.

Once the mask is sandblasted, the stone is cleaned, and painted with multiple coats of Stone grade Lithocrome Paint which ensures your product will withstand all weather conditions and time.

We do not use colors other than black or white, nor do we use epoxies which will not stand the test of time. Your personalized brick paver, stone or tile product is then sealed with heavy-duty industrial sealer.

Look closely at these bricks created by Carved In Stone. You will see the depth and quality you would expect in your product. No laser process is capable of creating this look.


Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions about our Personalized Brick, Tile or Stone sandcarving process, or to place an order.


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