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Granite & Marble Tile

Granite & Marble Tile

Architectural, Memorial, Donor & Fundraising

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Personalized Granite & Marble Tiles are an elegant and stunning option for architectural, donor or recognition walls, address markers, pet memorials, dedication plaques, milestones, achievement recognition, fundraiser bricks, golf tournaments, personalized gifts, etc.

Granite is the one personalized stone that can be lasered or sand-carved. The laser-engraving technique on Granite creates an elegant, white frosty look which will last for many years in all weather conditions. Traditional sand-carving creates enduring depth and texture up to 1/8” with Lithochrome paint infill.

We also laser engrave individual pictures, photographs, logos etc. into Granite & Marble Tile and Brick Pavers. See our Granite Pet Memorials page for a sample of our photograph engraving. Please contact us for more information.


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