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Getting Started/FAQ

At Carved in Stone of AZ., we pride ourselves in convenience,
customer service and quality stone products. We promise to
make your ordering process simple and user-friendly.
The basic process is as follows:

The price displayed is the total cost of your Brick Paver,
Marble/Granite/Ceramic Tile, Flagstone or other stone (save possible State tax if applicable).

We give you the option of using our stock product, or finding the
exact color and style you would like to use. There are many
different colors, styles and sizes, and we give you the choice
that will work best for your goals and project.

On larger orders, we can pick the product up from the facility where
you found it.We will then give you font and style options, and get you
a draft either with a stone sample delivered to you or via e-mail.

Once you approve it, we will begin the process. It generally
takes 10 business days for turnaround time, but may take slightly
longer on large orders.

Our process for personalization is a sand-blast/sandcarving technique which is age-old, and the only process to achieve the depth, texture and enduring look that most people expect. We sandblast to a depth of approximately 1/8” to 1/4”. This process will give you the timeless and permanent beauty you will want in a personalized stone.

Please see our Production Process page for more information on Sandcarving vs. laser engraving by other companies which gives no depth or texture.

We generally use only Black or White specialized Stone Quality Lithochrome paint for contrast, but on some indoor orders, can use other colors or epoxies.

For Flagstone, we can cut our product to the basic size & dimensions that you would like, but sizes will vary as it is a natural stone. We will then hand-deliver or ship your product to you free of charge. We require 50% deposit to begin the process, with payment in full upon delivery, or prior to shipping.

Pricing always is all-incusive. We do not have hidden or extra costs. The cost shown is your final cost, save 6.1% State tax if applicable. This includes sample, brick, tile or stone, set-up, masking, sandblasting/sandcarving, Lithocrome paint, sealer and delivery. Logos for individual bricks will have an additional cost, but on larger orders are free.

We do not install, but can give you advice or direct you to quality installation companies.

Other FAQ’S

How may lines of text can we use for brick pavers?
4×8 bricks: 3 lines maximum
6×8 bricks: 6 lines maximum
6×9 bricks: 3-4 lines maximum

How many characters can we use per line?
4×8 & 8×8 bricks:
One can use up to 18 characters per line.
including spaces & symbols.

What fonts can we use?
You can use any font you would like.
However, Helvetica or Arial in all Capital letters works best.

Can we use logos or symbols?
Yes. Basic symbols and logos will engrave very well.
We will assist you with either. However, some logos
or symbols may be too complicated for stone personalization.

Can you help us set up an order form or sample brick?
Yes. We can provide you with a fundraising form
and will assist you throughout the process.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any other questions you may have.


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