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Personalized Flagstone

Architectural, Pet Memorials, Donor & Fundraising

Sandcarved Personalized Flagstone

Excellent for Pet Memorials, Golf Tournaments, Memorial Walkways,
Architectural/Donor Walls, Address Markers, Dedication Plaques, Awards,
Milestones, Achievements, Gifts, etc.

Arizona Flagstone Pricing:

Amount 1 2-4 5-9 10-15 16+
12x12x2.5″ $145 $130 $125 $110 call
12x16x2.5″ $165 $150 $140 $125 call
Flagstone, Set-up, Logo, Sandcarving, Sealer & Hand Delivery/Shipping included

Personalized Flagstone is a beautiful & enduring product for Gifts, Milestones, Achievements, Recognition, Memorials, Walkways, Pet Memorials, Golf Fundraisers, etc. At Carved in Stone of Arizona, we mask and sandcarve each personalized Flagsone to a depth of approximately 1/8”-1/4” depth. We then use Memorial Stone Lithochrome Paint and sealer to ensure your Flagstone will endure the test of time. We can use other in-fill color acrylics, but we would then only recommended indoor use.

You are welcome to choose most any color or thickness of Flagstone, and we will pick up your choice of product from the local dealer on larger orders. We will then break the Flagstone into the approximate size you prefer. Please note that this is a natural stone, and we cannot cut it to exact size or shape. The roughness (as in the picture above) adds to it’s uniqueness. Also, the flagstone must be a smooth, flush surface.

Our Personalized Flagstone prices are all-inclusive. We cover the cost of the Flagstone, set-up, logo, masking, sandcarving, paint for contrast, sealant and free hand-delivery/shipping. Please contact us anytime for questions or to place an order.

Please Note: Due to it’s nature, Flagstone tends to be more fragile than other Personalized Stone products. We cannot, therefore, guarantee non-breakage during shipment. We can hand-deliver FREE of charge, however, in many parts of Arizona for orders over $1500.


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